Your First Visit To Doerfler & Associates Orthodontics: What You Need To Know.

Easy. Honest. Comforting. And Complete. That’s What To Expect As A First Time Visitor.

We want you to enjoy coming to see us and to feel comfortable with the treatment you receive. So your first visit is an important beginning to our working relationship. One of the very first things you can do in advance of your visit is download, print and complete your adult or minor medical history form.

This establishes basic information we need to have for your benefit—and is kept in strict confidence by law. It is easier for you to complete these forms at home, where you have access to personal records and information. If there are sections you cannot complete? No worries—we’ll help you work through them in the office!

Download Adult Medical History Form
Download Minor Medical History Form

During Your First Visit...

You’ll meet one of our doctors, who will talk with you (or talk with parents if treating a minor) about your medical history and current concerns. Then we will perform a complete clinical examination. If treatment is indicated, we will take a complete set of diagnostic records as well.

Our doctor will discuss the findings with you and present treatment recommendations specific to your needs. You should expect your first appointment to last approximately 1 hour; and perhaps a little longer depending on your unique circumstances. (please verify relative accuracy)

In addition, we believe the key to our success is teamwork, attentiveness and demonstrating a genuine interest in our patients' care. We will discuss that philosophy and what it means throughout the course of orthodontic treatment. And we will be open and honest with you about the investment you are making in your healthier smile and better bite — and pledge to work with you on financial and insurance matters as well.

Time Well Spent.

The time needed to undergo orthodontic treatment varies for each patient, and always depends on how much your jaw may need to change, or how far your teeth must move to realign. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect, and exactly how to comfortably manage the short-and-long-term process of orthodontic care.

We are committed to making your treatment as swift, comfortable and effective as possible, because that is simply who we are as a practice. Contact us today and let’s get you – or yours – on the road to a better bite and healthier smile!