What our patients say about us

Find out what other orthodontics patients and parents have to say about their experience and treatment at Dr. Richard J. Doerfler & Associates Orthodontics.

"Dr. Doerfler and his office staff have been professional, kind, and caring with the orthodontic care of my three children. Not only did he help them gain a 'perfect smile', but made each visit very pleasant for them. The entire office is extremely competent and caring. I would highly recommend he and his staff for excellent orthodontic care for any family member."

Nancy Pugh

"Dr. Doerfler is a very accomplished, energetic and caring individual. He has a skilled staff that is very compassionate and friendly. Accommodating your appointment is one of their top priorities."

Cindy Peterson

"Our six boys have been under Dr. Doerfler's care for over 11 years and we have been extraordinarily happy with Dr. Doerfler and his incredible staff. Dr. Doerfler is positive, fun and encouraging at each visit- even for the youngest of our children. This is a rare gift. To top it off, he is a fantastic orthodontist. Dr. Doerfler's staff is similarly awesome. They've helped us navigate the shoals of insurance and virtually every appointment is on time. They are helpful, understanding and compassionate. We enthusiastically recommend Dr. Doerfler and his staff to anyone requiring orthodontic care."

Ken and Liz Forstmeier

"Dr. Doerfler and his staff not only gave me a beautiful smile, but they gave me wonderful memories that will last a lifetime."

"Dr. Doerfler is extremely intelligent, kind, and caring. He truly wishes the best experience for each and every patient. He also could'nt have a better staff. Every time I walked into his office I felt as if I was a part of their family."

"Everyone at Dr. Doerfler's office went above and beyond my expectations."

Bethany Irwin B.S, RD, MS.

"My child had finished orthodontic treatment years ago and recently experienced and issue with the "flipper" they made her. A teenager with a missing tooth is not a good thing! Your staff were able to get her in that day and create a temporary fix for her and mold her for a new appliance. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you so much!"

Deneen Foust Keller

"I would absolutely recommend Dr. Doerfler! He took care of all three of my children and their smiles are stunning! A very friendly and helpful staff was a bonus."

Liz Piazza

"Dr. Doerfler and his staff are amazing. I have had my braces on a year and have one more year to go but I can already see a difference in my teeth. Dr. Doerfler is very good at what he does."

Lacey Shaffer